Joie de créer

Michel Troisgros is a Chef. Denis Lafay is a journalist. Pascal Lemaître is an author and illustrator. This book reads like a gourmet declaration of love to art and nature from one of the greatest chefs. In French.


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One day, I came across Silvia Bächli's work in a Parisian gallery. I showed the reproduction to my pastry chef, and together we set about creating a composition: different layers alternating meringue and extremely thin puff pastry - to the point where the sugar was barely perceptible - in pastel tones - in order to respect the properties of the watercolor -, between which were arranged various materials (mousse, etc.) that ensured the whole was soft but also high.

As for the final shape, we opted for that of a butterfly, which the maître d'hotel would delicately cut out in the center with the back of the knife, bringing up the tips like wings. The whole thing was so light, it seemed to float in the air. Just like Silvia Bächli's work.
Michel Troisgros

184 pages (in French)

20,2 cm × 20,0 cm × 1,7 cm