Le bois sans feuilles

Three-starred Gourmet Restaurant in Ouches

At the heart of the estate flourishes the three-starred restaurant Le Bois sans feuilles (The Leafless Forest), a name which in itself already evokes emotion. The path leading to it symbolically starts from the old barn, where a discreet eye follows your muffled steps along the secrets of the cellars, before entering into a dream-like glass clearing with a century-old oak.

The Dining room

As much an entrance as a ritual, this mysterious arrival awakens the senses. In this restaurant, where nature seems to be inside, the symphony of the seasons unfolds. With its infinite variations, César Troisgros invites his guests to appreciate their meal at mid-day or in the evening, under blue skies as well as amidst the grays of a storm.

Practical information
  • Closed: Monday & Tuesday all day, Wednesday at lunchtime
  • Annual closure: August 5 to 20, 2024 and December 23, 2024 to January 15, 2025 inclusive
  • The restaurant is accessible to people with reduced mobility
  • Elegant attire will be appreciated, in particular full-length pants and closed shoes for gentlemen

A cuisine filled with life

For the first time in its history, Maison Troisgros is sustainably taking care of its own source and part of its resources. An orchard, bee hives, a permaculture vegetable garden, a plantation of persimmons and pepper trees. Further on a forest, rolling hills, a pond at the heart of the domain, surrounded by pasture land and meadows… Sensitive to the diversity, interactions and cycles that govern the balance of the animal and plant kingdoms, it extracts its secrets from the heart of the natural ecosystem in which it resides. In Ouches, the kitchen is like an atelier, open to all surrounding life.

Menus or dining ‘à la carte’

From a family line devoted to simplicity, César inherited a pure taste, with a preference for spiciness and acidity and a sensitivity for grilled and smoked elements. Immersed from an early age with the art of music and pictures, he cooks like a poet, with a repertoire of infinite variations at his fingertips. In the heart of ‘Le Bois sans feuilles’, his pure, fresh and light compositions make time stand still, a true gift to its receiver.