Le plaisir de faire plaisir

In this dialogue, Michel Troisgros explains how family ties, creative beauty and the pleasure of giving pleasure are the surest way to avoid the torments imposed by the pandemic. In French.


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"Pleasure, a core value for Michel Troisgros, is the common thread running through this dialogue. The pleasure of receiving and sharing, the pleasure of creating and managing, the pleasure of daring and deciding, the pleasure of touching an ingredient and honoring it on the plate. It's a multifaceted pleasure, in which the adverb ‘together’ and the preposition ‘with’ are inseparable. Quite simply, the pleasure of sharing pleasure. Michel's pleasure is never solitary, but conditioned by and nourished by others. The other is a collaborator, a plant, a customer, a tree, an artist, a vegetable, a winemaker, a colleague, a gardener, a parent, a bird, a sound, a farmer... Each other is the one without whom, he declares, "I am nothing". Without whom "nothing" he invents and undertakes "makes sense". Without whom his reason of being, to share, would be in vain. This is why, while it says a great deal about the man himself, this encounter also provides keys for understanding the times - and the moment in history, provoked by the Covid-19 pandemic."

90pages (in French)

11x21 cm