This is where I was born and raised.
It is the scene of a family epic where cooking is celebrated daily. For me, the only way to continue this history is to produce a cuisine which constantly reinvents itself.
More history
Seasonal impressions
Food & wine in harmony
Day to Day
A la carte
One day in October...

Taste of Artichoke

Oyster "iodé et anisé"

Océan de sentiments

Monkfisch, grapes and nuts

Crayfish, shell juice

Challans duckling

Selection of fines cheeses

Qui a vu la fleur

Automn Meringue

Between your fingers

Menu 220€ 
or 185*€ without océan
(*except on saturday lunch and dinner and sunday lunch)
This menu is changing every day according to the market.

10% VAT and 13% service charge included.


Day to Day

Tomato fritters and snails

Rack of lamb, burned and spicy

Warm goats cheese and herb cannelloni

Hazelnut  and pear dim-sum

Entre vos doigts

Menu 100 €

This menu is available at lunchtime on Monday, Thursday and Friday,
except public holidays.
It changes every day, according to the market.

10% VAT and 13% service charge included.

October Impressions &
the Wine-waiter's Harmonies

Menetou 2012 Salon Domaine de la Tour Saint Martin
Gnochetti of artichoke

Chablis La Forest 2008 Domaine Vincent Dauvissat
Oysters, fennel and anise

Champagne Taittinger Cmotes de Champagne 2005
"Océan de sentiments"

Bordeaux Château Fonréaud 2012
Monkfish, nut and grapes

Gevrey Chambertin 2001 "Favorites" Domaine Alain Burguet
Crayfish, shells sauce

Siné Nominé n°5767 Domaine de Lauzières
Challans duck, spices and fig &

Laissez-vous guider...
Selection of fines cheeses

Muscat de Beaumes de Venises 2013 Domaine N. et A. Ignace
Chocolate and cardamon primavera
Automn Meringue

Menu 380 €

Each wine is served by the glass.
This menu changes every day according to the market.
10% VAT and 13% service included

à la Carte

These are fresh notes, light …

Mussels and curry nage 55€

Tripe, walnutand coriander 55€

La nouvelle "salade riche" 90€

in a travelling spirit …

Sauted frogs legs, tamarind 70€

Crayfish fricassée and smoke sardine 80 €

Fresh water Eel and ceps alla saltimbocca 80 €

sharp flavours, complicities...

Langoustines and sakura blossoms 120 €

John dory with black truffle  95 €

Blue lobtser navarin, creamy sauce 130 €

underlining textures

Spicy lamb rack 90 €

"5 Terres" crispy Veal, sweetbreads 90 €

Caramelized Challans duck, 170 €
fig (for 2)

Young pigeon, peanut and lime 85€

Charolais beef filet, pepper sauce 90€

All our bovine beef are of French origin

Dairy variations

Selection of fine cheeses 25 €

Warm goat cheese and herb cannelloni  20 €

My sweet dishes
(to be choosen at the beginning of the meal)

Chocolate sheets, grapefruit 30 €

Pistachio dim sum, prune vinegar

Mint and chocolate soufflé, orange granité

Rococo, rhubarb, tarragon

Ali-Baba with plum (for 2 persons) 60€

Kid's Menu 45€

10% VAT and 13% service charge included